Funeral Celebrant

Jodi Heim, is an amazing, honest, kind lady with a gentle spirit. As a Funeral Celebrant she is an empathetic listener, who sits with families to hear the stories about their loved one. She then guides them through the process of planning a funeral service which is about their loved one, but also meaningful to that person’s family so they can begin their own grief journey.


Jenny Hoff            Office Manager/Funeral Celebrant Hoff Funeral Home

Funeral Celebrant/Wedding Officiant

Our journey with Jodi started during a difficult time for our family.  Cheri’s Mom, Jackie, had just passed away and the funeral home assigned Jodi as the funeral celebrant for her service.  Cheri’s Dad, sister and Cheri met with Jodi to talk about Jackie’s life in order for her to write the service celebrating her.  They immediately felt at ease and knew Jodi was the right person for that job. 


As Cheri and Chris were in the middle of planning their wedding at this time they asked Jodi if she did weddings too, as she had done such a wonderful job of celebrating Jackie.  She said she did and we hired her. 


Over the next few months, we met with Jodi on a couple of occasions as she continued to get to know us and learn what we wanted for our wedding.  In all of our ramblings, jokes, and stories, we had no idea that she was creating the most beautiful ceremony we could have asked for.  She laid out and acknowledged all that was so important to both of us.  She even incorporated Cheri’s Mom into our ceremony when she gave us each our own pair of pajamas – something Cheri’s Mom was well known for.  She called them our “non-crabby pants” and instructed us to put them on as a signal to the other person that we need them for whatever reason. 


This little touch and nod to Jackie was so special, as it really told us that Jodi had done more than just take notes to write a funeral celebration and wedding ceremony.  She had taken the time to get to know us and make our day special for us.  She had written, both the funeral and the wedding ceremonies, specifically for us. 


We would recommend Jodi to anyone and have nothing but love and respect for her and what she does.  She definitely has a talent that not many do.  She provided comfort, love, strength, and peace when our family needed it – both in the good times with the wedding, and the difficult time in the loss of Jackie.  She is one of a kind and someone who is so special and dear to our family.  Thank you Jodi!

Chris and Cheri Duffenbach

Corporate Facilitator


I’ve been fortunate to hear Jodi present twice at MSC Southeast. Her message is moving, personal, and inspiring. Jodi’s focus on seeking out the positive outcomes we want instead of focusing on the things we know we don’t want hit home with the audience, and would be impactful in many different places.

Chad Dull

Vice President of Academics, MSCS